Winsor Traffic Cameras Online

Images provided by the Ontario Ministry of Transportation

(Cameras are available to refresh every one to two minutes, press Refresh Cam to attempt to refresh)

EC Row Cameras

EC Row At Malden
EC Row At Huron Church
EC Row At Dominion
EC Row At Howard Ave
EC Row At Walker
EC Row At Central
EC Row At Jefferson
EC Row At Lauzon Parkway
EC Row At Banwell Rd

Huron Church / HG Parkway Cameras

Huron Church At College
Huron Church At Tecumseh
Huron Church At Pulford
Huron Church At Cabana
Highway 3 At St. Clair College
Highway 3 At Cousineau
Highway 3 At Howard

Dougall Cameras

Dougall Parkway At 6th Concession
Dougall Parkway At Howard
Dougall At Roseland
Dougall At Cabana
Dougall At West Grand
Dougall At EC Row

Ouellette Cameras

Ouellette At Eugenie
Ouellette At Tecumseh
Ouellette At Giles

Tecumseh Road Cameras

Tecumseh At Howard
Tecumseh At Hall
Tecumseh At Walker
Tecumseh At Chrysler Centre
Tecumseh At Central

Wyandotte Cameras

Wyandotte At UWindsor
Wyandotte At Goyeau
Wyandotte At McDougall
Wyandotte At Alymer
Wyandotte At Hall
Wyandotte At Walker

401 Cameras

401 At Highway 3
401 Near North Talbot

Misc Cameras

Chrysler Centre At Grand Marais
Central At Grand Marais
Goyeau At Elliot
Goyeau At Park
Walker At Division